Shape and Slim® Corrective Shaping Leggings


Wear Shape and Slim® Activ Leggings to get the perfect look and skin. They combine active ingredients in an ultra comfortable high technology fabric that help to slim and a shaping benefit. Wear them every day to create a fit and sharp look. Shaping legging will immediately flatten your tummy, reduce your side curve, and lift your bottom.

They are the fruit of a new generation of microcapsules with the highest concentration of microcapsules of slimming ingredients in the market. You will notice a slimmer silhouette and an improved elasticity of the skin.

Simply wear the garment 8 hours a day 5 days a week during a 28 days period
98% of women acknowledged the toning and firming of the skin tone.
98% of women acknowledged a smoother skin.
A cocktail of Active and Cosmetic Ingredients to restore, firm, nourish and tone the loose tissues and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Active ingredients effective up to 20 washes; keep after as a regular garment. Made in Italy.

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